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Carl F. Bucherer, Made of Lucerne

Today we visit Carl F. Bucherer and sit with CEO Sascha Moeri. In this documentary, you'll discover the brand's rich history, how they recently transformed into a integrated manufacture, how they created their peripheral rotor in-house movement and what is the link between Carl F. Bucherer and Bucherer retail stores.
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Bucherer - Introduction

Jörg Baumann, Head of Marketing \u0026 Business Development of Bucherer AG talks about the business, the project in Paris and the important partnership with Credit Suisse.

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The Carl F. Bucherer Heritage Collection Full Explained

@Carl F. Bucherer #CarlFBucherer #MonochromeWatches
Today we travel to the beautiful city of Luzern, in the heart of Switzerland, to discover a favourite of MONOCHROME, Carl F. Bucherer.

Known for its peripheral technology, the brand also has more to offer to vintage watch enthusiasts. Last year, Carl F. Bucherer launched a new collection named "Heritage". The first watch in this collection was the Heritage Tourbillon Double Peripheral, a complex and exclusive piece of Haute Horlogerie. More recently, the brand introduced the second Heritage watch, a watch received with a lot of enthusiasm from collectors and press, the Heritage Bicompax Chronograph Annual.

This watch features a cool chronograph function together with a highly-practical annual calendar, in a vintage-inspired design at a fair price point.

Today, we're talking with Samir Merdanovic, head of the manufacture at Carl F. Bucherer, who will explain all about this very appealing Heritage Collection.


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