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Juan C Marecos : Soy paraguayo, opino que la guerra entre hermanos es mala muy mala, NADIE GANÓ Y TODOS PERDIERON, vidas jóvenes, progreso, y ganaron sufrimiento y atraso. Guerra nunca más. Abrazos hermanos bolivianos!!!
adrian benitez : Mis más sincero respeto!!! A todos los caídos en cumplimiento de su deber En toda guerra la psicologia juega un papel importante!
Juan Manuel Parada Contreras : Un filme muy revelador sobre las terribles condiciones que debieron afrontar los bandos enfrentados, ya que el elemento logístico era muy rudimentario en extremo, durante ese conflicto en cuestión. La guerra del Chaco ha sido un tema poco discutido hasta ahora y es menester rescatar sus vivencias, que gracias a películas como ésta ponen de relieve, como una suerte de redención entre paraguayos y bolivianos. Saludos y bendiciones desde Venezuela.
cristian villegas : La Guerra del Chaco, el único y más terrible conflicto entre países sudamericanos del siglo XX. Como siempre, intereses económicos de por medio y gobiernos corruptos, hacen que, como toda guerra, sea injusta. Honor y Gloria a los que murieron y vivieron, sean Bolivianos o Paraguayos, y a sus familias también. Por una Sud América Unida y en Paz.
Ronald A. B. : Desgarrador, cuánto sufrieron esos soldados!!!, gracias por la película, excelentes actuaciones.

Exploring Chaco Canyon - Mysterious Ancient Ruins and the Archaeological Wonder of the USA

The Anasazi or Ancestral Puebloans created these fantastic structures, more than a thousand years ago, with hundreds of rooms, multiple stories tall, astrologically aligned, and with mysterious purposes. Road networks, line of sight signaling, amazing architecture and hundreds of thousands of logs hauled from tens of miles away, only to leave them around 1150, never to return. While they "abandonment" and the mysterious "dissapearance of the anasazi" have been much touted or explained with mysticism or even extraterrestrials, the truth is much more fascinating! See these amazing remnants built and then abandoned by the ancestors of todays Pueblo peoples, who did not "vanish" but moved elsewhere. See how to get to Chaco Canyon, how many ruins you can see in one winter day, and how accessible they are, Then climb on top of the cliffs and look down into the canyon at Pueblo Bonito, one of the ancient architectural wonders of the world... right in our backyard!!

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GeoffersUK : What an epic episode, makes history so interesting. Coming from the UK I never knew these types of archeological sites existed in the US. These were being built while us old Anglo-Saxons were still constructing homes with mud and lathes and straw roofs. A real eye opener, and all produced by a one-man production unit.
donovan decano : It’s a shame that the Native Americans really didn’t get the credit they deserve in history. This large group of very intelligent people that inhabited and essentially founded America were and still are being undermined by most people. We really need to give the recognition these people deserve.
Garbage Day Productions : You handled this with a great amount of respect and I loved that. Stunning sites
M Torres : Wow, it was like walking into the past and seeing the beauty of a culture that is not talked about. I think this is my favorite video for 2020. You are awesome.
bill pavloff : Thank you for showing some Native history. So much of our collective history and knowledge has been lost to genocide and assimilation. My father's tribe (Sugpiaq Aleut) is no different from so many other tribes, having lost most of our language and knowledge. We need to save and celebrate these places. Many thanks.

The Rise and Quick Fall of Chaco

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Tori Gregory : Went here in 2016. My mother and brother and I were the only ones there that day (maybe because it was so hot), and the rugged beauty and silence was just unbelievable. The feeling you get looking at the petroglyphs and buildings is something that's very hard to describe. I'd definitely recommend going there, but obviously be more prepared than we were by bringing a massive amount of water and snacks
Evan C. : Can you imagine moving west through the wilderness, finding nothing of architectural significance for hundreds of miles and stumbling across this? It'd blow my mind.
trevor taylor : It’s pretty awesome to hear you talk about the natives in my local area. I grew up learning of this community and exploring their ruins. Any video by Simon is a must watch, but this ones special :)
Donovan Shovan : I still think there are dozens of massive structures to be found in the mississippi river valley. If you've ever lived out here you've seen the mounds. I see these gigantic outcropping in fields that would have certainly held significance whether as a landmark or spiritual site all the time. Yet I know many of them would not have been excavated or have been basically destroyed by agriculture.
Taylor : I feel like you healed extremely fast from the mountain bike accident. #beardblaze




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